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    Tue 2nd Oct 2012
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    Fri 26th Oct 2012
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    Fri 23rd Nov 2012




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School Team

Management Team

Headteacher - Mr G Richards

Deputy Headteacher - Mr P Wardell

Assistant Headteacher - Mr P Jennings

Senior Teacher - Mrs J Washington

Learning Managers

Year 7 - Miss S Dyke

Year 8 - Mrs J Coleman

Year 9 - Mrs G Bennett

Year 10 - Miss J Hamilton

Year 11 - Mr M Barnaby

Year 12 & 13 - Mrs L Davies



Department Head of Department Staff
English Mrs C Northwood Miss S Davies

Miss S Smith

Mathematics Mr K Collins Mrs H White
    Mrs J Coleman
Science Mr P Cheetham Miss T Coulthard
    Mrs W Maddocks
    Miss S Dyke
Modern Foreign Languages Miss J Hamilton Mrs J Jones
Geography Mrs I Morris  
History Mr M Barnaby  
Technology Miss J. Walker  
Food Technology Mrs J Washington  
Art & Design Mrs J Vaughan  
Drama Mrs G Bennett  
Religious Education Mrs S Craddock-Bennett  
Physical Education Miss D Evans Mr I Hughes
Welsh Mrs L Davies  
Music Mr K Burrows  
Special Needs Mrs C. Charlson  
5 x 60 Officer Miss J Owen  





Non Teaching Staff

Bursar - Mrs R Evans

Examinations Officer & Office Manager - Mrs P Lloyd

Administrative Officers - Miss E Blower & Mrs E Gillum

Cover Supervisor - Miss P Scheeder

Leaning Support

Mrs S Davies

Mrs A Righton

Mrs M Steinbach

Mrs M Winter

Mrs K Powell

Miss S Beech

Mr P George

Miss R Hardwick

Technical Staff

Science - Miss F. samah

Science & Library - Mrs T Herrits

Home Economics - Mrs B Roberts

Technology - Miss F. Sumption

IT - Mr P Marsh

Site Manager - Mr A Randell

Cleaner in Charge - Mrs D Williams

Careers - Mrs Y Smith

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