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ISA Award

For the last 12 months John Beddoes School has been working hard towards achieving full International School Status.  This is not to say that we do not normally undertake international activities – far from it – John Beddoes prides itself on always being proactive on the global front.John Beddoes receiving ISA Award

However, this year our aim has been to involve all pupils and all areas of the curriculum.  The activities undertaken included Africa Day, (which had to be delayed until the Easter Term due to the appalling weather conditions in December) during which all subjects developed their own activities with a particular year group.   The resulting presentation was both diverse and entertaining and hugely enjoyed by both staff and pupils.  Even the dinner ladies were involved in cooking an African dish which was greatly appreciated.

The French Exchange this year had a special theme of recycling and the French pupils were impressed with Presteigne’s own Zero Waste scheme.  The History trip and the Normandy Trip both looked in their different ways at the theme of peace and conflict.  Amnesty Greetings cards were sent out around Christmas to prisoners of conscience and their families, with pupils also looking into Human Rights.  Concern Universal – with the help of Mrs Victor in particular- looked at various global issues such as poverty, drought  and human rights, mainly with the sixth form – six of whom also took part in a Youth United Nations.  

Finally the school made a start on restoring the front garden, whilst at the same time exchanging ideas, seeds and plans with their partner school in the Gambia – Kartong Basic Cycle School.  Their was a competition with all year groups to see who could grow the fastest crop, the winners being 10T with their crop of Rocket.

Overall it has bees a busy year, and on top of all these activities, pupils have generously raised a substantial sum of money for our partner school in the Gambia to facilitate the installation of solar panels, and thus to improve both their learning environment and our communications with them.  Well done to everyone concerned. 

We have just heard from the British Council that we have been successful in achieving full International School Status – so congratulations to all the staff who contributed their time and energy and all the pupils who participated so enthusiastically.  This is a fantastic achievement and fully justifies the hard work put in by all. 


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