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The Jungle Book Students at rehearsal

John Beddoes School presents Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book adapted by Neil Duffield and music by Paul Wardell. Students will perform at the Ivor Hughes Centre on:

Thursday 1st March 7.30pm

Friday 2nd March 7.30pm

Saturday 3rd March 7.30pm

Tickets are available from the school office. Telephone 01544 267259. Adults £4 and Children £3.

Jungle Book Cast list

Mowgli - Megan Roberts

Baloo - Becky Collins

Bagheera - Rosie Trussler

Sheer Khan - Kelly Ann Davies

Sgt Major - Dean Hadfield

Messua - Menna Breeze

Father Wolf - Eliseo Giordano

Akela - Amy Morgan

Queen of Cobras - Emily George

Chil the Eagle - Georgie RobertsDress rehearsal

Wolves - Maddy Dabrowski, Caerys Beech, Jasmine Price, Hayley Bywater, Josh Robinson

Monkeys - Eleanor Nivlock, Daisy Locke, Bethan Morgan, Alice Taylor, Gabby Robinson, Christian Di-On Jones, Sasha Porter, Imogen Lee

Villagers - Jack Gillum, Gabby Robinson, Donella Gundy, Ieuan Sparey, Molly Beth Luke, Chrsitian Di-On Jones, Imogen Lee, Shannon Anderson, Alice Taylor, Daisy Locke, Bethan Morgan, Amy Morgan, Sasha Porter, Eleanor Niblock.

Fire Dancers - Ola Brzoskowska, Cathy Davies, Leanne Bowen, Emily George.


Make Up - Ruth Kirkby, Doe Middleton and team

Stage Managers - Jane Jones, Sally Beech

Prompt - Tracey Herrits

Masks - Jenny Vaughan

Costumes - Jeanette Washington, Barbara Roberts and helpers

Lighting - kevin Collins

Front of house - Barbara Roberts

Shifting, Lighting & Climbing - Alan Randell

Choreography - Emily George

Set - Joelle Walker, Charlie Jeanes

Band - Dave Luke, Wendy Maddocks, Kalvin Burrows, Paul Jennings, Liam Evans, Jamie Thomas, George Martin

Musical Composer & Director - Paul Wardell

Director - Ginette Bennett

With thanks to the PTA for serving refreshments.

And thanks to anyone else who has supported the project, by offering kind words of encourgement and in particular thanks to the parents of the cast, who have fetched, carried, learnt words and put up with excited and no doubt tired children.


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